Skin Chemists Advanced Breast Booster

Can a cream or lotion boost your boobies?

To put it bluntly, I’m not even sure what a ‘breast booster’ should do, but according to Skin Chemists, it ‘aims to firm and tone the skin for more lifted and boosted looking bust area’, thanks to the use of Hexapeptide, and soluble collagen aims to plump the skin for fuller looking bust area.

First impressions of the product itself were good. It smells pleasant, and has a nice texture that is easily absorbed into the skin. You don’t need a lot, too much takes a while, and took a lot of massage to absorb.

Whilst it’s hard to say whether it worked, having declined to take before and after measurements, let alone pictures, I do think that there was some firming of the area. I wouldn’t say it made a difference sizewise, and I’m not the biggest to begin with. To be honest, I was relieved, as I don’t want to go bigger, but was interested to see if this product could defy the act of gravity over the ever increasing number of years I’ve been burdened with the bloody things. There may have been some lift, but nothing that made me scream, ‘wow’.

This may be a product that requires longer term use than the one tube I was sent to try. I’m not sure if it would have any effect on women who are more generously proportioned, and might be something for those of us lacking in the boob area.


Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion


If it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it’s going to be good enough for me, right?

I was sent a full size bottle, as a sample, to try. All I had to do was to answer a few questions about my opinions on the product.

So what did I think?

Overall, I liked this product. It is just the right consistency for me; not too watery, but not so thick that it doesn’t absorb into the skin. In fact, it looks like the lotion hasn’t actually rubbed in well, as my skin had a moist sheen to it, however, I can confirm that it had, and there was no transfer onto clothes, furniture or bedding!

It kept my legs, which get particularly dry as they are exposed to the elements when I am out running, feeling smooth and soft all day.

As with most products, there were a couple of niggles.

The fragrance was a bit insipid. This is good if you like to wear a completely different perfume to the scent of the lotion that you are using, but on days when I forgot to spray myself, I felt a little lost without anything nice to smell.

Secondly, I really don’t like pump dispensers, especially with a lotion that cannot be watered down when it starts to run out. It’s not like soap, or shower gel, where you can unscrew the bottle, add some water, and get to all of the remaining product. No, Aveeno had packaged their moisturising lotion in a way that makes it awkward to empty the bottle. The shape of the pump is curved, so it has to be propped up to give the remnants any chance of making it to the neck of the bottle. There was quite a lot left by the time that the pump stopped drawing up the lotion, and I was still able to get a good week or so from the bottle before I was forced to give up on it.

That aside, it moisturises really well, and made a big improvement on the appearance of my skin, and so I would, despite the little grumbles, use this product again.


Note: I was given the sample for free, but this is not a sponsored post. The opinions are very much my own.