SportFX Sport Stamina Mascara

Some women aren’t fussed about how they look when exercising. Others still like to use a bit of makeup, but finding products that can work as hard as you do can be a challenge. Panda eyes at the end of races is not a good look, but sadly a lot of products don’t have the same staying power as the wearer.

SportFX has created a range of makeup designed to be used by active women, and this mascara really does do the job.

There’s only one colour, black, but it is the very blackest of black. It comes in a tube design that feels like you can just chuck it into your kit bag, and not worry. The applicator wand has a curved design, and short bristles which means you can coat top and bottom lashes easily and cleanly. Despite this, it does give good build and coverage. The mascara itself applies well. I suspect that it will dry out quickly, but I’ve not had it long enough to find out.

As for staying power, it survived the hottest London Marathon on record, which not only featured heat and sweat, but a dowsing at every water station en route. There was no transfer or smudging at all. It even survived the post-race shower later; you will need your most effective makeup remover to get rid of this product.

At £7.99 from the SportsFX website, or from Sports Direct (I think I’ve seen it in some stores), this is a bargain for what it does. I was lucky to have purchased it on a ‘two for one’ deal at the London Marathon Expo, so I’m delighted, but I will be replacing like for like in the future.


iGlow – Long Lashes Serum

I was invited to try this product for free, and was incredibly excited at the opportunity. My eyelashes have suffered over the years, for various reasons, and I wanted to see if they could be improved with a serum. I have tried a number of products available in high street stores, with little success. This product is available online, and retails at €59.00.

I was particularly excited because some of the before and after pictures were truly remarkable, with women having massively long lashes to show in just a few weeks.

So did it work for me?

Yes, but it wasn’t as dramatic as the photos I had seen online. The product is applied along the lash line with a brush similar to an eyeliner one. It dries quickly, and after a few minutes, it felt to me as if I could feel my lashes growing! After a few weeks, I noticed my lashes were longer, but not ridiculously long. They were, however, thicker and darker than before, almost to the point where I don’t need to use mascara.

Using mascara is where the real difference can be seen; my lashes do look much longer, and I can feel them much higher towards the brow bone than before I started to use the serum.

I’ve also noticed that a bald patch on one of my lower lids (caused by trichotillimania as a child) has very slowly started to grow back.

I am at the stage now where I do not need to apply this product on a daily basis, but every few days. The product seems expensive, but it does last a long time. Given that this is the only product that has worked so far, although not with the huge results seen by some other women, I would use this again, and would recommend it if you are looking for longer, thicker and fuller lashes.

Skin Chemists Advanced Breast Booster

Can a cream or lotion boost your boobies?

To put it bluntly, I’m not even sure what a ‘breast booster’ should do, but according to Skin Chemists, it ‘aims to firm and tone the skin for more lifted and boosted looking bust area’, thanks to the use of Hexapeptide, and soluble collagen aims to plump the skin for fuller looking bust area.

First impressions of the product itself were good. It smells pleasant, and has a nice texture that is easily absorbed into the skin. You don’t need a lot, too much takes a while, and took a lot of massage to absorb.

Whilst it’s hard to say whether it worked, having declined to take before and after measurements, let alone pictures, I do think that there was some firming of the area. I wouldn’t say it made a difference sizewise, and I’m not the biggest to begin with. To be honest, I was relieved, as I don’t want to go bigger, but was interested to see if this product could defy the act of gravity over the ever increasing number of years I’ve been burdened with the bloody things. There may have been some lift, but nothing that made me scream, ‘wow’.

This may be a product that requires longer term use than the one tube I was sent to try. I’m not sure if it would have any effect on women who are more generously proportioned, and might be something for those of us lacking in the boob area.

New Look ‘Night’ EDP – I should ‘Coco’?

Anyone who knows me will be aware that my all time favourite perfume is Chanel ‘Coco’. I’m one of the lucky few who suit it. Considering the cost of a bottle, it never ceases to amaze me that so many women will wear it, despite the fact it smells bloody awful on them. Only the other week, I had to sit for 45 minutes next to one woman who had made this glorious scent smell like TCP.

I have been wearing other perfumes since my bottle of Coco ran out, many years ago. I tend to wear it when I’m flying, and have sprayed it on myself in Duty Free. My expensive tastes cannot be fulfilled, or justified, by my meagre earnings, and over the years, I’ve become a very savvy bargain hunter.

Despite all that, I was telling The Bloke just yesterday that I was tempted to buy a bottle. We were killing time in New Look. I noticed that they now sold a range of perfumes (it’s been ages since I’ve been in New Look), and the first bottle I picked up was called ‘Night’. I couldn’t believe it. It smelled just like ‘Coco’!

Even better, New Look had an offer, 25% off all perfumes! Bargain!

Outside the store, I gave myself a squirt. Some dupes, and cheap fragrances don’t last, or the scent doesn’t wear like the more expensive product. NL’s ‘Night’ lasted for hours, and developed in a very similar way to the premium product, becoming warmer and more sensual.

If you too like ‘Coco’, and either cannot justify the price, or want to wear it more often, then ‘Night’ is a great alternative. It normally costs £8.99 for a 50ml bottle, but at the time of writing, cost me £6.74, thanks to that 25% off offer!

Herbal Essences bio:renew

I was lucky enough to have been invited to try part of the new Herbal Essences bio:renew haircare range, via Savvy Circle. I was sent three of the range;

  • Arian oil of Morocco, to repair weak or damaged hair,
  • Cucumber and green tea, to give a lightweight shine to hair, and
  • White strawberry and sweet mint, a cleansing range.

Two of the ranges went to friends to try, whilst I kept the Argan Oil for myself. I did have a cheeky sniff of the other two, however, before passing them on. I’m not a fan of mixing mint with other fragrances, and was concerned that it would overpower the strawberry scent. Surprisingly, it didn’t. The minty smell was like a mere hint, rather than taking over, and the strawberry fragrance dominated.

Similarly, I don’t like cucumber, and wasn’t expecting to get on with the smell of that particular range, but again, I was surprised to find that I could hardly smell it, and it was more pleasant than I had expected.

On to the Argan Oil, however. My hair is long, fine, and lacks volume and strength. It is prone to breakage, along with the resulting frizzy appearance from the flyaway shorter strands showing. I couldn’t wait to see if bio:renew could help improve the texture and appearance.

First impressions were good. I liked the colour of the bottles, and the design was practical but functional. There’s nothing about the range that would make it stand out on the shelves, as such, certainly with the other products taken into consideration.

The first thing I noticed when pouring out of the bottle was the scent. It’s hard to describe, but it is amazing. I love it! Best of all, unlike many other products, it lasts on the hair for ages. This has to be my favourite part of the product!

The shampoo is rich, and lathers well. It rinses out easily, leaving my hair feeling clean, but not stripped.

The conditioner is creamy, but is applied easily enough. I like to leave conditioner on, and it rinses well, like the shampoo. My hair felt smooth and soft.

One thing I will say, and I think Herbal Essences are a bit cheeky, but the bottles state ‘apply… generously’. I didn’t find it necessary to sue a lot of product, even with longer hair, and did wonder if it was a ploy to get us to use it quicker by using more! Naughty!

I still had some breakage during washing, and it was no more or less that with other products, but I did find that I lost less hair whilst drying and styling. This is good news for my vacuum cleaner!

My hair has felt and looked smoother, and it smells gorgeous. It’s hard to say if it is stronger, and I would like to see how it goes over the next few weeks before making a definitive ‘yay or nay’. Overall, I have been pleased with the results so far, and this is definitely a product that I would use again.

So far as the other two ranges, I had the following feedback from my friends;

‘I like the Herbal Essences bio:renew White strawberry and sweet mint shampoo and conditioner. My hair has looked good, and it feels clean, and smells fresh immediately after washing. I’m a bit disappointed that the scent doesn’t last, but it wouldn’t put me off using it again!’

‘When I was offered the chance to try the Cucumber and green tea Herbal Essences bio:renew range, I couldn’t wait to get started. I need a lightweight product that doesn’t weigh down my hair, and this was just perfect. Loved it, and loved the smell, it’s so refreshing! My hair is looking great!’

I wish I had tried them both now! Overall, a good range of products that do what they claim to!

Thanks to Savvy Circle for the samples, and for allowing me to try Herbal Essences bio:renew. The review is my own, and these are my own opinions. I have not been paid, etc etc.

Decléor Micellar Oil

Oil? As a cleanser? Are you having a laugh?

Well, no, no they are not. Olive oil has been used as a cleanser, for hair, face and body, for centuries, and it also forms part of the base for this micellar cleanser by Decléor.

You cannot mistake the faint aroma, but trust me, it's not as unpleasant as you think. You aren't going to walk around smelling like a well drizzled Mediterranean dish. In some ways, it's a pleasant, comforting scent, and other ingredients also contribute.

Does it work?

Yes it does!

My skin looks and feels clean and fresh. I have very mixed skin, extreme combination, I'd call it. I've had fewer breakouts of both spots and dry patches since using. Despite being an oil, it is quite drying on those areas, mind you, and a good moisturiser is still a must.

It hasn't reduced the amount of oil on my skin, but I have had fewer issues with blocked pores, and my skin looks better. The theory is that the oil 'melts' the build of natural oils to keep pores cleaner.

One squirt of product is good enough for most occasions. If I'm wearing a lot of foundation, eyeliner or waterproof mascara, it needs a little more, but two squirts of this will shift anything. It's the best product I've found for removing waterproof mascara in its entirety.

This bottle is going to last an age, but I will be replacing it when it's empty. It is great value for money, and does a fantastic job.

This is not a sponsored post. The views and opinions are my own!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion


If it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it’s going to be good enough for me, right?

I was sent a full size bottle, as a sample, to try. All I had to do was to answer a few questions about my opinions on the product.

So what did I think?

Overall, I liked this product. It is just the right consistency for me; not too watery, but not so thick that it doesn’t absorb into the skin. In fact, it looks like the lotion hasn’t actually rubbed in well, as my skin had a moist sheen to it, however, I can confirm that it had, and there was no transfer onto clothes, furniture or bedding!

It kept my legs, which get particularly dry as they are exposed to the elements when I am out running, feeling smooth and soft all day.

As with most products, there were a couple of niggles.

The fragrance was a bit insipid. This is good if you like to wear a completely different perfume to the scent of the lotion that you are using, but on days when I forgot to spray myself, I felt a little lost without anything nice to smell.

Secondly, I really don’t like pump dispensers, especially with a lotion that cannot be watered down when it starts to run out. It’s not like soap, or shower gel, where you can unscrew the bottle, add some water, and get to all of the remaining product. No, Aveeno had packaged their moisturising lotion in a way that makes it awkward to empty the bottle. The shape of the pump is curved, so it has to be propped up to give the remnants any chance of making it to the neck of the bottle. There was quite a lot left by the time that the pump stopped drawing up the lotion, and I was still able to get a good week or so from the bottle before I was forced to give up on it.

That aside, it moisturises really well, and made a big improvement on the appearance of my skin, and so I would, despite the little grumbles, use this product again.


Note: I was given the sample for free, but this is not a sponsored post. The opinions are very much my own.